Since 1949, with passion and dedication, our company has gone through the evolution of automobiles, gaining and preserving a unique experience in the restoration of vintage cars.

In order to respect the  car’s originality as it was when it was produced, the restoration process is supported by numerous historical and technical researches.

A complete restoration of a vintage car is developed through several phases: disassembly, tinsmith, preparation, color simulation, painting, mechanics, interior upholstery and test drive.

In each of these phases is required the mastery of craftsmen specialized in the specific operation.

It is a long and complex process that requires experience and technique, tradition and innovation.

We provide assistance to collectors in all their needs, including the inspection of vintage cars in order to protect the customer during the purchase phase.
We perform the service all over the world and we provide a detailed report on the real state of the car.


A fifty-year experience and passion

In the evening, when all the mechanics have left, I love staying in my quiet body shop and check every detail.


Responsible for tinsmithing and painting

I still remember when I accidentally cut myself and my grandfather said “don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, it’s this job entering your blood”


Customer Relations and Assembly Manager

I love my work with the awareness that restoring vintage cars means delivering a piece of our past to the future.


Customer Relations and Administration Manager

The restoration of vintage cars: the spark that has made me come back to Italy. Our company has the ability to satisfy the most demanding collectors.


Head of Mechanical Workshop

Each restoration work is different. It all depends on the state of the mechanical component in question and the story of the car you have to restore.

We are proud of our works, because by restoring vintage cars we bring to light
their ancient beauty and stories.


A network of collaborators and partners that allows for high-quality restoration works
The restoration process (bodywork, mechanics, interiors, etc.) is almost etirely performed by us in our shop.
Only some works – e.g. chromium plating – are done by specialists in the field, who are outsourced by our company.
Gathering reliable information on the cars to be restored is of towering importance. This information is carefully selected thanks to an ongoing dialogue with experts in the field and specialists in the car under restoration.
This allows us to restore the car’s authenticity.