Customer Relations and Assembly Manager.

I work intensely and passionately, and I think I am a lucky person.

When I am in the body shop I feel alive, I love what I do, so much so that I don’t even consider it as a job but a real passion.
We are aware that restoring vintage cars means delivering a piece of our past to the future.

This gives me a lot of responsibility, and makes quality a priority.

The beauty of restoration is that it is never obvious. Every car is a discovery, a story in itself. In this non- replicability lies the essence of the difference between craftsmanship and industry.

Vintage car collectors look for quality, and they can find it when they come to us. The quality our company offers is the coexistence of the old and the new, in every work we do.

When I was very young, under the guidance of my grandfather Gino – from whom I learnt the importance of attention to detail – and my uncle Amleto – from whom I learnt the art of mechanics -, I laid the foundations, familiarizing with the tools you need to restore cars. These tools are now supported by an ongoing research.

My grandfather has also been able to teach me how to deal with customers. This relationship is not only personal. As a matter of fact, it extends to cars. I like to think that each car incorporates the stroke of genius of those who conceived it and the energy of those who wanted it to be exactly as it is.

When I was a teen I used to go to the body shop with my father. I absorbed his profession and the pride he took in his work as a craftsman. As it often happens to the children, this made me daydream. I imagined a black car coming to our body shop. A young man and an older white-hair man wearing dark glasses got out of the car. They approached our sign and then put the Ferrari symbol on it. A few years ago, I met jewellery magnate Nicola Bulgari in his NB Center. The second time I met him it was in our body shop. He was in his big black car. He got out and stopped at the entrance, with his white hair, sunglasses and driver.

My dream came true thirty years later… or maybe my dream has just begun…