Responsible for tinsmithing and painting


I am the first of my grandfather’s grandchildren who started working with him. I was 13 years old when I started. I was a student and I would go to the body shop with him. My father wanted me to go to school because he wanted me to be aware of the job choice I would have made.

Growing up, one of the first crafts I wanted to learn from my father was tinsmithry. I was very fascinated by the possibility to work sheets, shaping them until they reached the desired shape.

What I have learnt is key to repair vintage cars. In fact, it is in this type of works that real craftsmanship emerges.

My grandfather and my father taught me the importance of dedication to work and attention to every detail. It is their greatest legacy.

I still remember when I accidentally cut myself and my grandfather said “don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, it’s this job entering your blood”.

This job is in my blood and it is very exciting.