Head of Mechanical Workshop


My career path is peculiar. I cut my teeth in the field of marine engineering, and then worked as Head Mechanic for major German car manufacturers.

I do this job for passion. In the classic sector the satisfaction of a finished work is even greater.

In fact, working on vintage cars is a privilege for me, that is, an honour vintage car collectors give to the restorer.

I do not deal with mechanics only during restoration. Actually mechanical engineering has been my business since 2016, also in the Mille Miglia.

By participating in the Mille Miglia you gain a lot of experience. It means that you will be able to quickly identify any light problem during the race and know how to fix things immediately.

Each restoration work is different. It all depends on the state of the mechanical component in question and the story of the car you have to restore.

I dedicate the right amount of time to analyzing and reflecting on things, because before unscrewing a bolt you have to be sure about the current state of the car and the story you have reconstructed.

The goal we always set ourselves is to maintain the authenticity of mechanical components.

The complexity of vintage car engineering arises from the difficulty in reconstructing the car as it looked when it was made to maintain its authenticity, and in having to restore it also based on the collector’s ultimate goal, e.g. exhibition, rally, etc.

In vintage cars the engine must be reliable and functional, as well as well-finished.

In our workshop, vintage car collectors will find availability, experience, professionalism, and passion. And all this reassures them!