Customer Relations and Administration Manager


My path is slightly different from that of my brothers. After graduating in vehicle engineering from the Enzo Ferrari University in Modena, I worked in Modena and then in the United States.

I came back to Italy because I believe in the 70-year history of my company, in the so-called Made in Italy, and in the development of the restoration of vintage cars.


I brought with me all the know-how I had learnt from abroad. In my company I saw the opportunity to give concrete responses to the most demanding collectors.

I don’t have any fixed working hours, and my clients know it. I always travel, both in Italy and abroad, to match collectors’ needs, assisting the from the purchase of the vintage car to the delivery of the restored car.

I take pride in working in the classic car industry, and this is the spark that has made me come back to my company.

The cars we restore are sometimes unique pieces that often belonged to well-known people of the past or to people who drove their cars in some legendary races. Sometimes they are just beautiful century-old cars. In short, they are sought after cars only a few lucky people have. 

My major goal is to establish a relationship of ongoing communication with collectors.

My role in the company is to let collectors experience every stage of the restoration process, while transmitting them all the passion and commitment to their vintage cars. Succeeding in this makes me very proud of our work.